At my final year as a graphic design student I wanted to combine both my greatest passions and my best qualities into an educative and relevant project. That’s how my publication “Creative Blends” emerged. On one hand, this publication is a photo book that holds more than 150 pictures and could be used as an aesthetic editorial lying on your coffee table. On the other hand it’s a guide that introduces you to 20 multifunctional businesses in Antwerp. The name “Creative Blends” simply stands for the way they creatively blend different functions into one new, innovative and coherent whole. 

Photography is one of my biggest passions and one of my creative skills I really like working with, so I wanted to put that in the spotlight. With this project I had the chance to expand my technique even more and I could also unfold my interest in editorial work.

The whole project was a one-man show, which means that I curated the content, wrote the texts, visited all the places, took every picture myself and put this all into a coherent design. I chose to do this all myself because it felt personal to me and I was very passionate about this project and the work that came with it. I liked seeing it evolve into a real editorial that I completely made myself. I learned more about my creative skills and myself throughout this project than I did in my 3 bachelor years combined. 

Aside from the publication I also made a pocket sized map that holds the main details of all the multifunctional businesses so you can easily visit and get to know them. It could be used as free promotional material lying at the featured places or/and in bookshops. You can also find the same map inside the Creative Blends book. It’s attached in the end with a perforated line so if the reader wishes, he or she could easily tear it out of the book and fold it into a pocket sized map like instructed on the page. It looked like a great asset to the book because it’s so much easier to take this little map with you instead of the whole book when you go on your city trip through Antwerp.

I’m truly proud of this project and I loved working on it from the beginning to the end. It's my greatest achievement until this moment.

Since I don’t have the approval of all the featured places, the book hasn’t been published and isn’t for sale.

Do you have any more questions about this project or do you have any remarks? Feel free to contact me!

© 2021 by Chelsea De Voecht. 

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