Hi! Nice to meet you.

Hi there! My name is Chelsea. In 2018 I graduated from Sint Lucas Antwerp with a master in visual arts. During my master year I used my final project to combine my greatest passions with my best qualities into an educative and relevant project. I named this project Creative Blends and call it one of my greatest achievement until now.

I see myself as a creative blend too, because

I'm a blend of so many different kinds of interests. For example I love working with photography, editorial design, branddesign and admiring interior design. Besides, I'm eager to learn and seem to be insatiable to discover new stuff and get better in what I do. Not so long ago I also started my own business names Verbloemde Post and I still can't believe how well it has been received by people. It has become one of my great passions.

Long story short: I love to be challenged and do stuff where I can push my limits while I do the things 'm passionate about. Currently I'm a full time designer at the branding agency Perfect Pixel, where I can design every day. But don't let that fool you: I have a lot of creativity still waiting to be used! I still like to have my own projects to work on, especially when there's a story to tell. So... What's your story?

© 2021 by Chelsea De Voecht. 

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